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Professional Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology, Construction Observation and Materials testing, and environmental science solutions

geotechnical engineering

K+A's geotechnical engineering studies are performed by experienced licensed professional engineers who have worked the majority, if not all their career throughout the Front Range, and follow local practices and procedures.

engineering geology

Engineering geology and geologic hazard studies performed by K+A are usually required by owners, developers and government agencies as a prerequisite to land development.

construction observation and materials testing

COMT at K+A is performed by experienced and cross-trained engineering technicians. K+A technicians certifications include: NICET, ACI, PTI, AWS, ICC (IBC), LabCAT, WAQTC and CAPA.

environmental sciences

K+A's environmental services are performed in accordance with the protocols of CDOT, OSHA, CDPHE, ASTM, and the U.S. EPA.


briefly about us

Geotechnical Engineering Field Technician

established in 1989, K+A has six office locations in Colorado.

We have performed geotechnical engineering studies, construction observation and materials testing, and environmental services for large projects like Denver International Airport, Sports Authority Stadium, Jackson Reservoir, state roads and FasTracks to small projects such as a tennis court, an addition to an elementary school, or pavement design for a parking lot. We have also developed final designs and specifications for the rehabilitation of several dams, lined reservoirs ranging up to 52 acres in size, and MSE walls, soil nail walls, and reinforced slopes for road and airport infrastructure projects throughout Colorado.

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K+A Acquires Hepworth-Pawlak Geotechnical

As of July 1st, 2016 Kumar & Associates, Inc. (K+A) has acquired the assets of Hepworth-Pawlak Geotechnical (HP Geotech). The acquisition combines the strengths of K+A and HP Geotech, by further leveraging K+A's Statewide coverage and...


K+A at Denver International Airport (DIA)

Since 1998, K+A has gained extensive experience with both air side and land side pavements and building structures at DIA. In 1998, K+A was awarded the first on-call geotechnical engineering contract ever issued by DIA.