Construction Observation and Materials Testing (COMT)

Construction Observation and Materials Testing

Success and longevity of the project is based on adherence to the plans and specifications and construction documents. Quality control and/or quality assurance is an essential part of a project. QA/QC consists of construction observation and material testing (COMT) performed by an independent and reputable entity like K+A.

COMT at K+A is performed by certified and experienced engineering technicians. Engineering technicians are trained in-house in soils, concrete, asphalt, rebar, steel and masonry. Typical certifications include NICET, ACI, PTI, AWS, ICC, LabCAT, and WAQTC.

We provide these services on a full time and/or part time basis and adhere to the requirements outlined in the project documents. Our commitment to quality has resulted in K+A being selected for numerous large and small projects and repeat business from private and public sector clients.

K+A has a custom developed password protected website reporting system for COMT test results. This secure system enables the expedient delivery of our reports. A unique username/password is assigned to each client at the start of a project; our clients can quickly access the project reports at their convenience throughout the completion of the project and thereafter.

K+A has been managing the Denver International Airport (DEN) Laboratory for all construction and testing at DEN. K+A has been providing Owner’s Verification Testing (OVT) to the Regional Transportation District (RTD) for the ongoing FasTracks project.

For information about our in-house laboratory please click the following link: K+A's In-House Materials Testing Laboratory.


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