Denargo Market
Denver, Colorado

Denargo Market in Denver, Colorado

Denargo Market Fact 1The first of two development phases include a 5-story, 383,357-square-feet multi-family development with 301-units, and 50,000-square-feet parking garage.

Denargo Market Fact 2The 2nd development phase may include a grocery store and hotel, and 65,000-square-feet of retail accommodations.

Denargo Market Fact 3K+A's geotechnical engineering services included a study for the roadways and infrastructure/utility installation associated with the roadways at the site; and, an additional study which provided design recommendations and construction considerations for the 383,357-square-foot residential complex.

Denargo Market Fact 4Environmental services K+A provided consisted of Regulated Building Material Surveys on the existing structures that occurred at the site to determine the need for regulated disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), PCB’s, Mercury or other electronic waste that occurred in the buildings.