Environmental Services

Stormwater Drainage

K+A offers a variety of Environmental Due Diligence services, and Industrial Hygiene services. We perform all Environmental Due Diligence services, and Industrial Hygiene services in accordance with the protocols of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Each of our staff members is a trained and certified professional.

All field personnel assigned to environmental projects are OSHA-certified for hazardous waste operations. K+A’s personnel project management experience range from single Phase I ESAs to large property portfolios involving multiple environmental services within a single scope of work; RCRA RFI/CMS, and CERCLA investigations.

environmental due
diligence services

  • Transaction ScreensTransaction Screens
    Phase I (ASTM E 1527)Phase I (ASTM E 1527)
    Phase II (Subsurface Investigations)Phase II (Subsurface Investigations)
    Phase III (Subsurface Remediation)Phase III (Subsurface Remediation)
    Modified Environmental Site AssessmentModified Environmental Site Assessment
    Discharge, Permitting, and SamplingDischarge, Permitting, and Sampling
    Soil and Ground Water InvestigationsSoil and Ground Water Investigations
    Soil Vapor Assessments and MitigationSoil Vapor Assessments and Mitigation
    UST/AST InvestigationsUST/AST Investigations

    Industrial Hygiene Services

    • Building InspectionsBuilding Inspections
      Asbestos O&M and Management PlansAsbestos O&M and Management Plans
      Asbestos Abatement DesignsAsbestos Abatement Designs
           and Project Management
      Asbestos Abatement Air MonitoringAsbestos Abatement Air Monitoring
      Asbestos Contaminated SoilsAsbestos Contaminated
           Soils Project Management
      Radon TestingRadon Testing
      Mold SurveysMold Surveys
      Drinking Water SamplingDrinking Water Sampling
      Indoor Air Quality AssessmentsIndoor Air Quality Assessments
      Regulated Building Material SurveysRegulated Building Material Surveys
           (PCB's, CFC's, Mercury, and Electronic Waste)
      Lead-Based Paint InspectionsLead-Based Paint Inspections
           and Risk Assessments