Jackson Lake Reservoir Dam
Orchard, Colorado

Jackson Lake Reservoir Dam in Orchard, Colorado

The dam was constructed about 100 years ago as an off-channel storage reservoir for agricultural purposes. The maximum storage capacity is 35,000 acre-feet. The dam embankment is approximately 2 miles in length with a structural height on the order of 20 feet.

  • Jackson Lake Dam Fact 1 K+A provided geotechnical engineering exploration and design support services as well as construction observation and testing for rehabilitation of the Jackson Lake Reservoir Dam.

    Jackson Lake Dam Fact 2Previous repairs were made consisting of filling sinkholes or voids on the dam crest and beneath slabs, and repair and replacement of damaged concrete slabs have been made on a continual basis. Considerable effort was spent on the maintenance, primarily due to failing slope protection.

    Jackson Lake Dam Fact 3Laboratory mix design was performed using lake water. Quality control testing indicated strength exceeding the Portland Cement Association (PCA) and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) criteria.

    Jackson Lake Dam Fact 4Field test results and photographs were available on a daily basis along with data and production summaries.