Denver Housing Authority: Mariposa Redevelopment,
South Lincoln Neighborhood
Denver, Colorado

Mariposa Redevelopment in Denver, Colorado

Mariposa Redevelopment Fact 1K+A performed design-level geotechnical engineering studies for Phases II, III, IV, VI and, VIII portions of the Denver Housing Authority’s ongoing Mariposa Redevelopment project located in the South Lincoln neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.

Mariposa Redevelopment Fact 2Various phases of the project consist of design-build construction of 2- to 4-story residential buildings on multiple, separate City blocks.

Mariposa Redevelopment Fact 3The buildings provide more than 260 residential units that replace existing public housing units. The project phases also include stand-alone 2- to 3-story townhouse units and limited paved surface parking and driveways.

Mariposa Redevelopment Fact 4The majority of the buildings include some ground level commercial and administrative space, and underground parking levels.