Nottingham Lake Liner Replacement (Benchmark Dam)
Avon, Colorado

Nottingham Lake in Avon, Colorado

Replacement of full-reservoir liner, and modifications to high-hazard dam. Man-made reservoir retained by Benchmark Dam was originally constructed in 1980, and lined with a poorly constructed and deteriorating buried 20-mil PVC liner.

  • Nottingham Lake Fact 1 K+A, the Prime engineering firm responsible for designs, and engineer of record for construction.

    Nottingham Lake Fact 2Performed a geotechnical and geologic exploration, seepage loss analyses, slope stability analyses, reverse filter designs for mitigating reservoir sinkholes, modifications to intake structures, and liner system designs.

    Nottingham Lake Fact 3Performed project engineering, and observation and materials testing during construction.

    Nottingham Lake Fact 4Prepared reporting and final construction reports and record drawings in accordance with Colorado State Engineer requirements.

    Nottingham Lake Fact 5Assisted Town of Avon in obtaining 401 and 404 permits, and prepared storm water management plan.