Prospect Lake Liner (52-Acre Liner)
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Prospect Lake in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Prospect Lake is located in Memorial Park in south-central Colorado Springs, Colorado. The high profile, 52-acre recreational lake has continually experienced seepage losses throughout its' 100-year history.

  • Prospect Lake Fact 1 K+A was the principal designer responsible for the liner system and teamed with the civil engineering firm Associated Design Professionals (ADP) of Colorado Springs to complete the project.

    Prospect Lake Fact 2Explored alternative liners for reducing seepage losses.

    Prospect Lake Fact 3The lake is impounded by two jurisdictional dams; proposed modifications to the dams and reservoir required the approval of the State Engineer’s Office (SEO).

    Prospect Lake Fact 4The greatest challenge was stabilizing the 2- to 4-foot thick highly plastic clay in the middle of the lake to support the liner and the equipment used to install it.

    Prospect Lake Fact 5Approximately 224 tons of liner material, 8 miles of field seams, and 72 tons of geotextile separator fabric were placed.