Stagecoach Dam and Spillway Replacement
Durango, Colorado

Stagecoach Dam and Spillway in Durango, Colorado

This project consisted of the replacement of a remote, 140-foot long timber crib dam and wood-deck spillway serving as spillway for Xcel Energy’s 22,364 acre-ft Electra Lake Reservoir, with a labyrinth weir spillway and small embankment dam:

  • Stagecoach Dam Fact 1Completed helicopter-assisted geotechnical and geologic exploration, performed seepage, slope stability, liquefaction potential, seismic deformation, filter compatibility analyses; designed drain system and developed final geotechnical designs for the dam embankment.

    Stagecoach Dam Fact 2Addressed review comments from FERC and the State Engineers Office.

    Stagecoach Dam Fact 3Provided geotechnical support, and construction observation and materials testing (with an on-site lab) during construction.