Metro State University (MSU) of Denver
Student Success Building (SSB)
Denver, Colorado

Metropolitan State University (MSU) of Colorado Student Success Building (SSB)

Student Success Building Fact 1The SSB is a 4-story, at-grade structure with 144,000-square-feet for use as classroom, office, and public space.

Student Success Building Fact 2K+A performed the geotechnical engineering study for the MSU's SSB.

Student Success Building Fact 3A field exploration program consisting of exploratory borings and a site geophysical survey was conducted to obtain information on subsurface conditions. The results of the field exploration program indicated the site was underlain by relatively deep bedrock overlain by granular alluvial soils. Groundwater was about 15 feet above the bedrock.

Student Success Building Fact 4Due to the relatively dense conditions of the alluvial soils, we were able to recommend spread footing foundations designed for high bearing pressures, resulting in significant cost savings to the project.