Windcrest Assisted Living, Erickson Retirement Community
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Windcrest Assisted Living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Windcrest Assisted Living Fact 1Windcrest development consists of three retirement communities, each including four to seven-story residential buildings and a two-story community building. There are also at-grade parking areas, multi-level parking garages, and associated roadways.

Windcrest Assisted Living Fact 2Miscellaneous other site facilities include a maintenance building, a chapel, a Renaissance Garden long-term care facility, and an extensive network of sidewalks, Pedestrian bridges/skyways, and paved pathways.

Windcrest Assisted Living Fact 3K+A conducted a geotechnical engineering study for the purpose of developing geotechnical criteria for site grading and earthwork foundations and floorslabs, and pavements for the entire Wind Crest development.